Is it illegal to have two insurance policies on the same vehicle?

Answer It isn't illegal to have two policies on the same vehicle, however it is illegal to try to claim twice for the same vehicle and the same incident.

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Vehicle Insurance Policies?

If you own a vehicle, auto insurance is a necessary part of life. Most people cannot afford to pay for medical bills and car repairs out-of-pocket, especially if an accident involves multiple drive... Read More »

In the state of Texas can the lender repo your vehicle if your auto insurance lasped for 4 months you was told you had to pay full insurance coverage or vehicle will be repoed can they?

Answer Yes they can repo if they catch the insurance lapse. Most financed vehicles have a Full Coverage clause that you signed and agreed to when you contracted to finance the vehicle.

Can a registered driver who does not own a vehicle or insurance drive a parents' vehicle and be covered by their insurance should a wreck occur?

Non-owned auto policy If you do not own a vehicle, but have a driver license, you can obtain a non-owned auto policy. Check with your local independent insurance agent. I don't know if direct wri... Read More »

What do you do when the at-fault vehicle's insurance will not pay you for your totaled vehicle because the insurance company has already paid for other vehicles damaged in an accident?

Based on your question, I'm guessing that their policyholder simply didn't have enough coverage to pay for all the damage to all the vehicles involved. I would have to know a little bit more about ... Read More »