Is it illegal to have two insurance policies on the same vehicle?

Answer It isn't illegal to have two policies on the same vehicle, however it is illegal to try to claim twice for the same vehicle and the same incident.

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Vehicle Insurance Policies?

If you own a vehicle, auto insurance is a necessary part of life. Most people cannot afford to pay for medical bills and car repairs out-of-pocket, especially if an accident involves multiple drive... Read More »

I have an indiviual policy with an insurance company I can purchase a group policy through my employer Its with the same insurance company Can I use both policies?

Answer Two different policies (different policy ID numbers) should mean you should not have to pay anything out of pocket. The primary will pick up 80% (in most cases), and the secondary should pic... Read More »

Can you sign up for two disability insurance policies at the same time?

You can, however check the policy provisions to make sure that one does not off set the other should you go out on claim.For information, resources and related links go The National Council On Disa... Read More »

Does the insurance company have to change the principle place of garaging vehicle if college student wants to take a car to the dorm at a school in the same state?

AnswerUsually not. Your kid, while still in school, will probably consider your home his primary residence. Generally, insurance companies do, too.In your case, in particular, being in the same sta... Read More »