Is it illegal to have a police baton if you are not a police officer in Pennsylvania?

Answer The answer is uncertain. Pennsylvania statue 18 Pa.-908 does not specifically state a police baton is illegal. The statute does refer to the short baton-like blackjack as being an offensive weapon.... Read More »

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Who invented the police baton?

Sir Robert Peel is the first person in law enforcement to use the police baton. He armed his English constables with 15-inch truncheons made of cocus wood and attached to a leather strap (also call... Read More »

What is an Indian police baton called?

The Indian police baton is called a "lathi." The word is taken from the ancient armed martial art of the same name, and in Hindi, lathi translates literally to "bamboo stick." The weapon is the Ind... Read More »

Pennsylvania DUI Police Procedures?

In Pennsylvania you may be found guilty of driving under the influence (DUI) if law enforcement shows that you have either consumed enough alcohol or drugs to impair your ability to operate a motor... Read More »

Are police lights illegal?

The laws regarding police lights differ from state to state. Most state vehicle and traffic laws require that police and emergency vehicles use some kind of lights when at an emergency scene. Studi... Read More »