Is it illegal to file child support in two states?

Answer The case should originate in the State where the child lives. Only one order can be operative at any one time. However, a child support order may be registered in any other State for purposes of en... Read More »

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Can a mother or father file for child support in two states?

Only one venue may have jurisdiction over a child support matter at any one time. (However, multiple States may enforce an existing order.) The case is typically filed in the State where the child... Read More »

Can child support orders be file for back child support after the child dies?

How do you file child abandonment charges on a noncustodial father who pays child support but wants nothing to do with the child?

AnswerI don't think you can , How can a father who does not have custody over the child , abandon it?added: he's not really abandoning the child if he's paying support.

Can an illegal parent pay child support?

Undocumented immigrants are legally responsible for their spouses and children, just like anyone else.