Is it illegal to drive with earphones on in nv?

Answer If you get real Bose headphones, yes they do have noise cancellation. It's pretty great. They do have knock off Bose headphones called Brose but they don't work as well as Bose.

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Is it illegal to drive without insurance?

Yes, it is illegal to drive without insurance. There is a minimum amount of coverage that drivers must have on their vehicle in every state. Driving without insurance can be costly; you can be fine... Read More »

Why is it illegal to drink&drive?

MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) reports that In 2002, surveys estimate that Americans took over 159 million alcohol-impaired driving trips, or automobile trips in which the driver had been dri... Read More »

Is it illegal to drive while using headphones in MN?

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Is it illegal to drive without airbags?

No, it is not illegal to drive without an airbag. There are many older model cars on the road without airbags. In fact, some automobiles have on/off switches for their airbags.Source:National Dri... Read More »