Is it illegal to drive with an interior light on?

Answer Although driving laws vary from state to state, currently no state considers it illegal to drive with the interior lights on. However, doing so adversely affects night vision, and is therefore not ... Read More »

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How to Light a Car Interior at Night?

Lighting your car's interior at night can have several motivations. It may be purely utilitarian, or you may be trying to add some pizzazz inside your car. Either way, there are several things you ... Read More »

How to Replace a BMW E39 Interior Rear Light?

The rear interior lights in your BMW E39 help visibility when entering the car, they allow passengers in the back to locate their seat-belt buckles, and they can be used for reading a map. When the... Read More »

Interior Rope Light Ideas?

Rope lights are not just for the outdoors; they add a unique design element to home interiors and provide a small amount of light. Rope lights are ideal for lighting bookshelves, creating an under-... Read More »

How to Change All of My Car Interior Light Colors to Blue?

Interior car lights come in various shades of white, tan or yellow. These colors are neutral and muted, but if you are looking to add color to your car, you can cover each bulb with a blue filter y... Read More »