Is it illegal to drive a car if your name isn't on the insurance policy?

Answer Answer not sure about your state law, but its not illegal. you just may not be covered if you get into an accident. then you'd have to come out of pocket for any damages.

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Who is covered under your insurance policy Will your insurance cover your niece to drive your car?

Answer Yes, if she has not been previously excluded in writing. If she is going to be a regular operator of the vehicle then she needs to be listed as an operator on the policy. Answer An automobil... Read More »

Is it illegal to drive without insurance?

Yes, it is illegal to drive without insurance. There is a minimum amount of coverage that drivers must have on their vehicle in every state. Driving without insurance can be costly; you can be fine... Read More »

Is it illegal to drive without auto insurance in Florida?

Yes, you must have auto insurance to own, register and drive a car in the state of Florida. Your driving privileges can be suspended for driving without insurance. A minimum of $10,000 personal inj... Read More »

Is it illegal to drive in illinois with no auto insurance?

In Illinois, vehicle liability insurance is required, and drivers must carry proof of insurance in their vehicle. Minimum liability coverage amounts are as follows: $15,000 for damage to property o... Read More »