Is it illegal to drink a bottle of beer whilst driving?

Answer yeah you cant drink and drive

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Do you drink beer out of the bottle/can or out of a glass?

Exact same thing as you...anything but cans

Rust on beer bottle ok to drink?

Is it illegal to open and drink from the bottle while still in line at the liquor store?

I don't see why it would be when you're going to pay for it. I've seen people drink sodas at the grocery store, so why not wine at the liquor store.However, if you see anybody running at you, drop ... Read More »

Would you fail someone on their driving test if they splashed a pedestrian whilst driving through a puddle?

If it was done deliberately, or through sheer carelessness, I would take a good look at the person driving if I was the examiner. This may sound trivial and comic, but its actually illegal as other... Read More »