Is it illegal to download music from the internet?

Answer Depends. If you pay for the song and download it from a reputable place like iTunes, Amazon, or Rhapsody, then no. If you download it for free using programs like limewire, then yes.Of course, th... Read More »

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Is it illegal to download music, or is it just illegal to share downloaded music?

Technically the act of using Limewire/Kazaa/Morpheus or any other P2P file sharing system IS PERFECTLY LEGAL. However, the act of sharing copyrighted music is what the authorities will prosecute fo... Read More »

Illegal Music Download?

Downloading from a open connection would be hard to trace even with a MAC address as MAC addresses provide no personal identification info. and you can change your MAC address.

Why is it illegal to download music?

1. It's like stealing.2. You buy the same thing in the store for $15.3. The creator doesn't make a profit.4. If they don't make profits, they can't release new songs.

Is using mp3 to download music to your phone illegal?

It depends. If the author of the music is charging for it, then it is illegal to download it from somewhere else without paying for it. If the author is giving the song out for free AND the song is... Read More »