Is it illegal to charge more for using a credit card?

Answer As of early 2010, charging consumers a fee for using a credit card is illegal in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas. However, mer... Read More »

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Can a merchant charge me more if i use a credit or charge card?

On One Hand: Merchant Cannot Charge MoreEvery time a consumer uses a credit card to make a purchase, the credit card companies charge the merchant an "interchange fee." Some merchants want to pass ... Read More »

Is it illegal for a company to charge a percentage to run a credit card?

It is not illegal for businesses to charge an extra fee for running your credit card, since they have to pay a fee each time you use a credit card to make a purchase. Some businesses may simply req... Read More »

Is It Illegal to Charge a Credit Card for a Failed Reservation?

During the process of making a reservation with a hotel or some other travel-related business, you may be asked to enter your credit card information. If the reservation is canceled, you may be cha... Read More »

Is it Illegal to Charge a Credit Card Without Authorization?

A merchant must have a signed or a verbal authorization from a consumer before he can process a credit card purchase. Credit card charges without a consumer's authorization are illegal. Unauthorize... Read More »