Is it illegal to carry a taser gun on a plane?

Answer The Transportation Security Administration lists stun guns and shocking devices among its prohibited items for carry-on luggage but permits them in checked baggage. Remember that Tasers are illegal... Read More »

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Is it legal to carry a Taser gun?

In most states, carrying a Taser or other stun gun is illegal. Tasers are considered dangerous weapons and have been known to kill people on rare occasions. While it's always legal to defend yourse... Read More »

Are taser guns illegal?

On One Hand: Not in Most StatesMost states allow civilians to carry a taser gun without any restrictions as to their use or where they may be carried. Other states may allow you to own and carry an... Read More »

Are taser guns illegal in Texas?

Tasers or stun guns are not illegal in Texas. Many state law enforcement agencies use them. Civilians are also permitted to carry personal safety Tasers, which can stop threats up to a distance of ... Read More »

How much cash can you carry on a plane?

On One Hand: There Is No LimitAccording to the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), there is no limit on how much cash, currency or monetary instruments you are allowed to take on a flight, re... Read More »