Is it illegal if i put someone else's video on my youtube channel READ BELOW?

Answer as longs as your not getting paid ur fine, or you can ask the maker of the video is it alryt to use it and tell them ur reason

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How do I make a YouTube video with parts of other YouTube videos in it (read description)?

If you have an apple product get the movie maker app

YouTube to MP3- is it illegal if the video is NOT a music video?

Pretty much the same idea, its pretty much always okay for private use:I will set the record straight for you then. It is okay to copy a song off of YouTube, as long as it's only going to be for pe... Read More »

How is my youtube video and channel?

Topics for a video for my youtube channel?

Talk about things going on in the world, watch the news, but anyway here's some topics:Psy has a new song. It sucks. Kim Kardashians pregnant and someone released a song called "I hit it first", th... Read More »