Is it illegal for an 18 yr old to have sex with a 15 yr old?

Answer Answer I would say no as long as they both give permission to each other because if someone loves another person they are not gonna let age come in the way therefore there would b a lot of people g... Read More »

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Why is it illegal to have sex with my brother its not fair its just so random?

Random? No not random. Wanting to have sex with your close family member is not healthy from a emotional, mental and even physical view if you consider having children. It means something is seriou... Read More »

Can anyone tell me, is it illegal to have passengers in the car with a learner driver driving?

it is not illegal, as some driving schools often have the previous learner in the car and the next learner drives them to their home

What custodial rights does an illegal immigrant father have to a child born out of wedlock with a US citizen?

Answer US law presumes that an unmarried mother has sole custodial rights to a child until the court rules otherwise.This applies to US citizen fathers as well as non citizen fathers.Before custodi... Read More »

Does an illegal Mexican have rights to his child in the US even if the American girl and illegal Mexican aren't married what rights does he have to the child?

Yes he does, such as custody, visitation and support issues. As for immigration, having a citizen child is no basis to get legal residency (at least not until the child is 21)