Is it illegal for an 18 yr old to have sex with a 15 yr old?

Answer Answer I would say no as long as they both give permission to each other because if someone loves another person they are not gonna let age come in the way therefore there would b a lot of people g... Read More »

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Is it illegal to tape a film off the television. my friend says its a copyright issue, which is illegal.?

You can tape it if it's ONLY for your personal use and you neither charge people to see it not try to sell it anywhere ! ! !

Can an US citizen marry an illegal person and adopt her illegal child in Massachusetts?

If your illegal ex-boyfriend is threatening to take custody of your unborn child and is planning to take him or her out of the country what rights can he possibly have being an illegal?

Is it illegal to Google someones name(s), weird yes but illegal?

No, it's not illegal. The schools in our city just sent a flyer home to parents that told them that they should google their teen's name monthly to check and see what they are up to.