Is it hypocritical to eat animals but to love them aswell?

Answer No. I think "hypocritical"is too harsh and strong a word. You have the right ideas and somewhere down the line I think you will be a total vegetarian. However, I have also read an Animal Rights ... Read More »

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I LOVE leather goods. But I love animals more so I dont buy leather, Do they REALLY skin animals alive?

I'm sure they're skinned when they're dead. But I'd rather not support the industry in the first place.As one of my facebook buddies posted "Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the wo... Read More »

Should I go vegetarian I love animals?

Most animals that are slaughtered for our meats are done humanely so don't let that affect your decisions.It will not kill you to go to vegetarian but study it, to find what you must eat to replace... Read More »

Is it possible to love animals, but eat meat?

It is possible, I did it for years, loving animals and campaigning for animal rights while feeling guilty for still eating them. Till I decided not to go on being a hypocrite and turned vegetarian... Read More »

Do you think animals love to live .........?

I volunteer at an animal sanctuary for farm animals and yes they love to live. If you see them able to live and express their true selves, you see that each has their unique personality, they have... Read More »