Is it hypocritical to eat animals but to love them aswell?

Answer No. I think "hypocritical"is too harsh and strong a word. You have the right ideas and somewhere down the line I think you will be a total vegetarian. However, I have also read an Animal Rights ... Read More »

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Who said ' I love babies I love dressing them I love playing with them I love feeding them'?

I LOVE leather goods. But I love animals more so I dont buy leather, Do they REALLY skin animals alive?

I'm sure they're skinned when they're dead. But I'd rather not support the industry in the first place.As one of my facebook buddies posted "Every dollar you spend is a vote for how you want the wo... Read More »

Animals eat other animals, so why can't we eat them?

I have your answer of proof Lutz, if your really looking?All animals that eat meat have a short ,straight digestive tract. All Vegan [no animal products] animals [rabbits, cows deer Gorillas elepha... Read More »

What do you do if your brother ask you to choose between him and your boyfriend and you love them both equally and cant live without them while both are nice and love you dearly?

Smack your brother in the face for asking such a stupid question