Do you wear underwear?

Answer yes

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Is it okay to not wear underwear?

I don't wear underpants, I have to be honest.

How to Wear Thong Underwear?

Thong underwear can be tricky to wear and take some getting used to. If you're ready for a change in the underpants department or simply want to improve your thong-wearing experience, follow these ... Read More »

Do I wear underwear during an MRI scan?

Yeah, you can wear underwear. Just nothing metal such as earrings. You'll get to the MRI place and check in. An MRI technician will come get you and bring you back to the room. You'll lay down on y... Read More »

How long can you wear edible underwear?

The mental image is just killing me!By the end of the day your panties will have turned in to flavored lube, but yeah, it's okay.