Is it healthy to eat vegan hotdogs everyday?

Answer It's not healthy to eat them at all - nor pretty much any processed food full of refined, unnatural oils, gmo ingredients, soy, bizarre chemicals, etc.

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How to Keep Your Hair Healthy when You Straighten It Everyday?

Want to have straight, smooth, shiny hair? Well, read this article to find out how to get that! It's actually very easy..

Is straightening hair everyday healthy?

No, it is not healthy.I straightened my hair for about a year straight, everyday, and i totally fried my hair. It took forever to grow out back to normal too!It's not worth it.I would suggest buyin... Read More »

Is there any way you can straighten your hair everyday and it stays healthy?

yes, use a heat serum to protect it, bedhead has some godd ones. look for the bottle to say "heat protectant" :)answer mine?;…

Any simple healthy recipes for everyday things?

you dont know how hard this is xDchocolate cookiesIngredients:Cooking spray or silicone baking sheets6 0z. dark chocolate broken up3 large egg whites1 1/2 cups sweetener1/2 tsp vanilla1/3 cup unswe... Read More »