Is it healthy to eat lots of raw fruits&vegetables?

Answer On One Hand: Raw Fruits and Vegetables Are HealthyRaw fruit and vegetable consumption is beneficial to the human body. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, these foods consi... Read More »

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How to Get Hair Healthy After Lots of Chemical Damage?

Everyone desires healthy, luxurious hair. Unfortunately, all of the chemical relaxing, coloring, and perming services our hair often endures in the name of beauty can cause irreparable chemical dam... Read More »

Are jarred olives healthy even though they have lots of salt in them?

Anything too much is bad. I do not recommend to avoid btw eat in moderation and for a specific intervals. Not everyday.

Can lots and lots of milky discharge when you go pee 2 weeks before your period is due be a sign of pregnancy?

Answerdischarge could be a symptom of an early pregnancy, because of your mucus plug beginning to form. Some of this mucus-like discharge could drain. However; the discharge you are experiencing ma... Read More »

Does lol in emails mean lots of love or lots of laughs?

Well, after looking at your pretty cartoon face I'd say, LOTS OF LOVE.:D