Is it harmful to your body when you make your bones/joints click?

Answer If you mean like popping your knuckles, then, no, it is not detrimental.

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OMG ! Tokio Hotel Family Click.Click.Click !!!! How To Do Bill's New Makeup !!!!?

Haha I love it =] But I do prefer his black makeup. Star for you.

Where da fuq is the body tag on tumblr i want to put the disable right click and it needs to go in there.!?

it should be right near the topuse control-f to find itand keep in mind there are plenty of other ways to steal pictures other than using right click

Is water harmful to your body?

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Are adhd meds harmful to your body?

On One Hand: Medication Alleviates Symptoms and is FDA ApprovedFor those who suffer from attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), medication is necessary to alleviate symptoms such as impul... Read More »