Is it harmful to masturbate after giving birth?

Answer The moment you feel that you would like to masturbate it is unlikely that there would be any harm in it.It would be difficult to improve on the answer above.

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How soon can you masturbate after giving birth?

Answer You can masturbate as soon as you feel comfortable to do so! Listen to your body and if you experience discomfort or pain then stop.  Masturbating is a good way to learn if you will be rea... Read More »

Why is my cat throwing up after giving birth?

Anyone who has a cat knows that throwing up is part of the package. It may be a common occurrence, caused by hairballs or eating too fast. However, if the cat is a new mother, it could be more seri... Read More »

Should you go to gym after giving birth?

Why do Guiniea pigs die after giving birth?

National Rodent Rescue Foundation Usually guinea pigs don't die. There must have been something that went wrong during the pregnancy.Please read what is written below and see if your guinea pig fit... Read More »