Is it harmful for the computer to be turned on almost all day?

Answer One of the most stressful thing you can do to a computer is to perform a "cold start." When a computer is turned off for an extended period of time, the temperature of the components are at room t... Read More »

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When you turned off your computer then its does not turned off but its restart why?

maybe you are accidently hitting restart or you have you computer programed to do that.

My power went out while my computer was in and when I turned the computer back on the moniter said no signal?

Got anti surge protection between the wall socket and your computer and equipment?If not, then it looks like you have blown something.More than likely the video card or something on the motherboard... Read More »

My computer started making a loud noise (from the fan). Is this harmful to my computer Can I ignore it?

I just wrote a quick tutorial on this oddly enoughhere:…

How do I set my computer to say (Hello Tiffanee) when turned on and (Good Bye Tiffanee) when turned off?

lol yuh could do that?!!?!?!ohh awesome when yuh find out can ya tell me??hehe thanx ;D