Is it harmful for dogs to eat rabbit turds?

Answer On One Hand: Rabbit Poop May Contain Unabsorbed NutrientsDogs may eat rabbit turds, and other feces from cats, birds or even other dogs, because they are seeking more nutrients. Some animals do not... Read More »

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Is tea tree oil harmful to use on dogs?

Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic, but it is toxic to dogs. Since the amount of tea tree oil that would kill a dog depends on the dog's body weight, it is especially dangerous for small dogs. Ho... Read More »

Are nylabones harmful to dogs?

On One Hand: All dogs need to chewNylabone has been manufacturing chew bones for dogs for more than 55 years. The company designs its products to suit different types of dogs and their chewing need... Read More »

Is Nicorette harmful to dogs?

Nicorette can be harmful to dogs if too much is ingested. A dog can suffer from nicotine toxicity and in dogs, 10 mg/kg of nicotine could be fatal. Signs of nicotine toxicity include difficulty bre... Read More »

Information on Rabbit Hunting Dogs?

Ask a rabbit hunter why he hunts, and the answer is usually something to the effect of," I just like to hear the dogs" or "I want to watch the dogs work." Sure, many hunters successfully bag rabbit... Read More »