Is it harmful for a baby to swallow cologne?

Answer well obviously go seek your GP as soon as possibleit's harmful for adults too

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Is it harmful to swallow mucus from a cough?

No. As you might know mucous is one of the body's sources for getting rid of bacteria. The nose, tears, ears and throat are all interconnected ultimately leading down to A. Swallowing B. draining o... Read More »

If you are addicted to eating Johnson pure corn starch baby powder and now you are pregnant is it harmful to the baby and you?

Answer I am not sure why anyone would eat corn starch, although there is a condition associated with pregnancy called Pica. Pica is the strange cravings that some women get during pregnancy. Women ... Read More »

Is it harmful for a baby to accidentally eat baby powder?

It's best to avoid eating baby powder. You won't fall over and die in a couple hours, but it can cause cancer, tumors, and generally messes up our system. To answer you question, yes it's harmful ... Read More »

If you swallow your partners semen will it harm your baby?

Answer No, not unless he has an STD.Also, Its believed that the DNA from it is good for the baby because it reduces the risk of rejection from the body. (Given that its from the babies father of co... Read More »