Is it hard trying to become a police officer?

Answer On One Hand: The Testing is RigorousBecoming a police officer requires passing a civil service exam and a number of rigorous field training exercises. The field training exercises are often especia... Read More »

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How hard is it to become a police officer?

On One Hand: If You Have It in You...Becoming a police officer requires obtaining a high level of education, often equivalent to a bachelor's degree in criminal justice; however, some tests are jus... Read More »

How hard is it to become a dallas police officer?

On One Hand: Some Requirements are StringentAccording to the recruiting page of the Dallas PD's web site, a successful applicant must pass a series of interviews, a psychological exam, a complete p... Read More »

Can an off duty police officer who you cut off have a ticket issued to you after the fact by another police officer in Ontario?

Should a off duty police officer inform you that he is a police officer?

I say yes Why should he, do you feel tat you have to tell people what you do for a living. No he doesn't have to tell you. Added: The above answer is true insofar as it goes. Additionally, howeve... Read More »