Is it hard for children with Down syndrome to learn?

Answer 8 cups of vinegar, 3 cups of Flour, and 2 cups of pancake syrup.

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Which Children learn faster deaf children or hearing children?

Neither. Although there are always individual differences, there is no reason to believe that a deaf child would be either more or less intelligent than a hearing child. Studies have shown that whe... Read More »

Can someone with Down syndrome learn more than one language?

Yes; my sister's friend has Down syndrome and he is learning Italian. People with Down syndrome can have widely varying levels of disability. Many are quite high functioning and are very capable o... Read More »

At what age does a child with Down syndrome learn to talk?

How do you learn to accept a child with Down syndrome?

Loving Down Syndrome Children Gosh, these children are the most loving, accepting children of all. I am a sub aide for Learning Support children, and in high school babysat for a Down syndrome chi... Read More »