Is it halal to eat from a place that sells alchohol?

Answer This question has appeared in many discussion repeatedly and there is no exact right or wrong answer. It is based on the person's actual beliefs. In my opinion i would like to say that if you are e... Read More »

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Have you ever gone to a place that exclusively sells burgers and they couldn't even get that right?

Hahahaha - happens all the time. It's remarkable how many restaurants there are where they really can't cook. Sometimes their food is outright uneatable.

Is there a place that sells cheap blu-ray movies?

Amazon has a really large selection at low prices. I've bought many movies from them myself. Here's the link for blu-ray movies…

Help to find place that sells malic acid vitamin/mineral product.?

Pretty much any company that sells supplements online will carry it (and you might be able to get your local health food store to special order it for you if nothing else). One big thing to make su... Read More »

Any store that sells Rosebud salve from Anthropologie?