Is it good to warm up a car before driving?

Answer On One Hand: Warming UnnecessaryAccording to Tom and Ray Magliozzi, the hosts of Car Talk on NPR, "on modern, fuel-injected cars-- basically anything made in the past 20 years--you're not helping t... Read More »

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What Are Good, Warm Gloves for Men?

At times, gloves can be a mere fashion accessory -- Michael Jackson's famous one-glove look, for instance. However, bitter winter days call for useful gloves that can keep fingers warm and protect ... Read More »

Did you think "Warm Bodies" was a good comedy?

Warm Bodies was awesome. Funny, with action, and some romance. Very enjoyable on a shallow level and a deep level. Like if you take a look at the symbolism it's really deep, but even if you don't, ... Read More »

What Are Some Good Warm Emo Hair Colors?

The emo look is based on the visual interpretation of a type of rock music which made its first appearance in the mid-1980's and has gained popularity since 2000. The emo subculture has spread fro... Read More »

Good Warm Up Exercises for Advanced ESL Students?

Warm-up exercises are an excellent way to start language classes. These activities work well as daily ice-breakers and raise the students' participation and motivation from the beginning. Since the... Read More »