Is it good to reward yourself for small successes when losing weight?

Answer first, ABSOLUTELY! reward yourself! it gives you something to look forward to!!second, reasonable goals to set is 2-3 lbs per week - - - but ONLY if you are dieting WITHOUT exercise.if you are diet... Read More »

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What would be a good way to reward yourself for losing five pounds?

An ice cream sundae that we call The Doggie's Dinner. It gotz everything in it! Yum! Oh, well, + 5lbs!

What exercises are good for losing weight?

Cardio is the best way. Low impact ones cause the least strain, such as swimming or biking.Do sets of short sprints (whether running, biking, swimming, etc) with a slow recovery period of jogging o... Read More »

Is green tea good for losing weight?

On One Hand: Great Weight Loss BenefitsDr. Nicholas Perricone, guest The Oprah Show, strongly endorses green tea for weight loss. He explains that when infuse green tea into your daily regiment, yo... Read More »

Anyone got any good tips on losing weight?

Eat better, higher quality food and exercise. If you need some free workout videos that are really good, check out the Fat X 101 website. I've done the 12 day program as well as some of the bonus... Read More »