Is it good to let grass go to seed?

Answer On One Hand: Fine FescuesSome types of grasses, like fescues native to many areas, grow only 4 to 6 inches when they are not mowed. Some varieties of fescues, however, can grow to between 8 and 12 ... Read More »

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Is it good to freeze grass seed?

It is beneficial to freeze grass seed until you are ready to sow it because it speeds germination. Freezing, which mimics the effects of nature when seed is sown in the fall and winters over, caus... Read More »

How long is grass seed good for?

Most grass seed has an expiration date stamped on the bag or box it comes in. However, if the seed is kept cool and dry it can last up to a year or two past that date and still have a satisfactory ... Read More »

Is grass seed I bought last year still good?

Grass seed you bought last year is usually still good to use. However, each year of storage generally reduces seed germination rates by about 10 to 25 percent, which means you should proportionally... Read More »

Is Sand Good to Keep Grass Seed Protected?

A light cover of soil or mulch will retain moisture and keep grass seed from being lost to the elements, but sand needs to be mixed with other materials to be a protective cover. Sand is used for s... Read More »