Is it good to keep a hard drive empty?

Answer Every process your computer does requires a certain amount of disk space to store data, recall settings, and other things. So, if you fill up your hard drive, new programs and old programs do not h... Read More »

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How can i keep hard drive running after shutdown?

Have it hooked up to a seperate power source. I.E. a psu from an external drive.

Does iTunes keep files if your hard drive is wiped?

Yes and No. Anything that you purchased from the itunes store can be re-downloaded for free once signed in with your Apple ID. Anything you added yourself liek music from CDs, or downloaded video... Read More »

I need help with my macbook pro 15" after i changed hard drive and was trying to reformate the hard drive.?

Not 100% sure but do not think your Mac will support 8 GB of ram memory. Go to enter the Mac info to find out max system will support, correct type memory modules for upgrade... Read More »

What is the best external hard drive that I can get for around £50, will it affect my current hard drive?

hi richard external hard drives have dropped in price in the last few years and theres a massive choice of drives however my recommendations are the Seagate FreeAgent Desktop 250GB USB... Read More »