Is it good to eat the shrimp shell if you chew it a lot of times?

Answer You must be a really hungry person.

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What happens if you eat a shrimp shell?

Then it's ok! Don't worry. Then you digest it. Don't worry, a single shell isn't going to hurt you. -Original AnswerActually, that is partially correct. It won't hurt you at all, in fact it is bene... Read More »

Can you eat shrimp with the shell on?

On One Hand: Safety of Eating Shrimp ShellsTechnically, there is no harm in eating shrimp still in its shell, as long as it is carefully chewed (as with any other type of food). Fried shrimp shells... Read More »

How do you eat prawn/shrimp with the shell on?

Break the head off, then reach under the legs and pull both sides away, you should be left with only the tail.My father loves eating the tails, but they are like popcorn shells getting stuck in you... Read More »

Do you remove the shell on a shrimp when grilling?

On One Hand: You Can Remove the Shell of a Shrimp when GrillingSome recipes recommend removing the shell of a shrimp prior to cooking or grilling the shrimp. Particularly if you have purchased froz... Read More »