Is it good to drink green tea?

Answer While it has antioxidants and speeds up your metabolism, it does contain caffeine. In moderation it is good for you. Be sure not to use other sources of caffeine. Too much can cause nervousness,... Read More »

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I don't like eating greens, can a green drink be a good start?

Eat other vegetables, pulses, legumes and beans. You don't plan on drinking your way through every meal do you? You definitely have to eat something. Find what you like on these links and eat up... Read More »

If u drink enough green beer can u pee green?

What are the benefits of drinking green tea Is Crystal Light Green Tea just as good as others?

Green tea possesses compounds that may provide powerful protection against several cancers and, possibly, heart disease. Studies indicate that it also fights infection and promotes longevity.You ca... Read More »

What is a good alcoholic drink to drink when you want to get proper pissed?

SOJU....that's an Asian drink. Alcohol mixed with formaldehyde.