Is it good to do push-ups with back pain?

Answer On One Hand: Not if You're InjuredKeeping your torso straight while doing a push up puts strain on all the muscles in the core, including your back. If your back is injured, this can slow healing o... Read More »

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Testicle pain with back pain?

actaully its very common. most likely you have pinched sciatic nerve in your back. Often lower back pain due to pinched nerve can radiate to the testicles. Most likely it's not a big deal and the p... Read More »

Is bupap good for back pain?

On One Hand: Bupap Is Normally Used for HeadachesAccording to and WebMD, Bupap is a pain reliever containing acetaminophen and a type of barbiturate (muscle relaxer) and is used to ease t... Read More »

Is walking good for back pain?

On One Hand: Walking Moves Your SpineWhen you walk, your spine and hips constantly rotate slightly as you move your legs and arms. This constant movement prevents stiffness and encourages blood flo... Read More »

Is Ibuprofen good for back pain?

AnswerYESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!i have horrible backpain because of my period and it works like a charm. if i don't use it, i get in so much pain that i seriously think "dang i'd rather just die rig... Read More »