Is it good to breed your dog just once?

Answer On One Hand: Spay Before First HeatIf you spay your bitch, there is no medical evidence that the dog benefits from breeding even once. Spaying can reduce the potential for some medical conditions o... Read More »

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What is a good small dog breed that is good with children?

On One Hand: Small is GoodSeveral small-breed dogs make good pets for families. West Highland white terriers, bichon frises and poodles have friendly, affectionate and playful personalities, accord... Read More »

Information on a Dog Breed That Is Good With Children?

Many kids love dogs, but not all dogs like children. Bringing home a dog that cannot tolerate the affectionate but often overwhelming attention of kids can result in a traumatic experience for both... Read More »

Are rottweilers a good breed of dog for kids?

On One Hand: Best Friend and BodyguardRottweilers are large muscular dogs with a calm temperament, sturdy enough to cope with children's rough play without snapping like smaller dogs. Renowned for ... Read More »

What dog breed is good for an elderly person?

On One Hand: A Maltese CompanionThe cute, fluffy maltese makes a great pet for an elderly person. Malteses are even-tempered, affectionate and loyal companions that weigh around 5 to 10 pounds. The... Read More »