Is it good or bad to paint over wood paneling?

Answer On One Hand: Freshen Up A RoomDark or old wood paneling in a room can create a gloomy feel, leaving you contemplating major renovations that could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. However... Read More »

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How to Paint Wood Paneling?

Painting over wood paneling is a task that many homeowners choose when updating the look of homes built during the middle years of the 20th century. When done properly, the painted walls will bear ... Read More »

Can you paint over fake wood paneling?

Fake wood paneling was ubiquitous in the 1970s, and is still common in mobile homes and older homes. Quality ranges from very flimsy paneling, to sturdy, high quality fake wood paneling that looks ... Read More »

How can you paint over wood paneling in a room if you can't remove it?

AnswerGo to your local hardware store and ask for kilz paint this is a sealent and will allow the new paint to be applied without the wood showing through if you are concerned about grooves i know ... Read More »

How to Clean Wood Paneling & Wood Floors?

Most of the surfaces in your home need regular maintenance and cleaning to keep them looking like new. For example, you might think that wood paneling wouldn't need to be cleaned very often. Howeve... Read More »