Is it good for your back to sleep on the floor?

Answer I slept on the floor for about 2 years. I did that because the only mattresses i could afford were too soft and it made my back bend out of shape. Key here is that no two people have the same spi... Read More »

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Is lying on a hard floor good for your back ?

How to Sleep on Your Back Comfortably?

Well you may have a good medical reason, you're curious, or you have no reason at all, this article will show you how.

Is it better to sleep on your stomach or on your back?

Some people feel comfortable on their stomachs, but it really isn't a good position. It can cause a lot of strain on the neck and back muscles. Sleeping on your back is preferable, although I'm mos... Read More »

Do you sleep on your stomach, side, or back?

wow!!! i never thought about it i guess if it is hot i sleep on my back if it is cold i sort of curl up and when i am not tired i sleep on my back and just look at the ceiling and i move around a l... Read More »