Is it good for my diet to eat whipped cream out of the can?

Answer I ate a whole tub of cool whip once. I didn't get fat because it doesn't stay down that long unfortunately. Throwing up cool whip is a unique experience though.

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Does whipped cream stay good in the refrigerator?

It does. You can use if for upto a week after it's been whipped (so long as it's not past it's useby date).

Do you like plum cake and with ice cream or whipped cream or all alone?

How to Make Stiffly Whipped Cream Using Whipping Cream?

Whipped cream, although available commercially pre-made, can be made simply using only two ingredients: cream and sugar. Whipped cream can be used as a filling, topping, icing, or dip. Whipped crea... Read More »

How much cream do you add to a 0.5 liter whipped cream dispenser?

Fill whipped cream dispensers halfway with cream to create whipped cream. You should add 250 ml or approximately 1 cup of cream to a 0.5 liter whipped cream dispenser.References:Whip Its: How to Ma... Read More »