2-Week-Wait Wishes! How's Yours Going This Month Ladies?

Answer My guess is you are a POAS addict like me and you will test sooner. ;)Nausea and high temps would have me running to POAS! In fact, I already did today....7dpo...of course it was negative....BUT.... Read More »

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I went to the chiropractor and he recommended going 3 times a week for a year- is this necessary or a scam?

When I first started going to a chiropractor, she recommended that I come in for adjustments 3 times a week. HOWEVER, she said this was only necessary for three to four WEEKS, not a year. I actuall... Read More »

Im going to be visiting San Francisco this week for my birthday and would like to know of any really good?

Here are some lists from reviews for Sushi restaurants.……

I am going to a BBQ this week and not sure what to take with me, do i bring drinks I'm not much of a cook?

Get a bottle of pimms and a bottle of lemonade. Fill a jug with ice, 1/4 pimms + 3/4 lemonade. Add mint, slices of apple, cucumber, orange and lemon, even strawberries. Perfect bbq drink.....

I am very busy, so to save time, I am only going to brush my teeth once per week. Is this a good idea?