Are bananas fattening A small banana has 90 calories, but some people view it as fattening.?

Answer Bananas are healthy. Source of potassium.

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Is chicken fattening?

Deep fried with skin and served with a cream sauce .......yesskinless broiled or

Is marzipan fattening?

On One Hand: Marzipan Can Be FatteningMarzipan is made of almond paste, powdered sugar and a binding agent like corn syrup, glucose, fondant or egg whites. All of these ingredients in combination c... Read More »

Are smoothies fattening?

Smoothies can be deceptively high in calories and lead to weight gain. In addition to liquefied fruit that is diet-friendly, smoothies may also contain whole milk or yogurt and sweeteners such as s... Read More »

How fattening is my breakfast?

It's not that bad really, you need some fats in your diet. Just keep the rest of the day healthy. And don't overdo the bread, carbs are what make you gain weight more than fatty foods