Is it ever to late to get braces?

Answer nope, my dad just got his off and he's 43

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Is it too late for braces?

No. Who cares if you have braces in high school? At least you're taking care of your teeth. Getting braces will benefit you in the long run.

Do you think its too late to get braces at 20?

No, it is not too late. Go for it, you will probably be happy you did after it is all over with.

How late have you ever stayed up?

Around 80 hours without sleep. Don't remind was NOT pleasant.I never knew stone monuments could look like people shaking...

Did you ever have braces?

Yeah I hear you, I had braces 3 times since I was 7 years old till about 20 and still have a retainer on. I have great teeth, and glad I got braces. You aren't appreciative of them at first, but in... Read More »