Is it etiquette to forgo a tip when gratuity is added to your bill?

Answer Yes. Gratuity IS tip. So if its already in the total then you've already given them a tip. They will take that amount directly out of what you paid on your bill and put in their pocket. There i... Read More »

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A 18% gratuity was added on a bill at a restaurant. Do the servers expect further a further gratuity?

As I server, I never expect anything more than the gratuity that's been added to the bill for large parties, but a lot of times people will leave a little bit extra if they thought the service was ... Read More »

If a restaurant automatically adds a gratuity for service, do they also add a gratuity for food ordered out?

where i work ,our 'tips' are counted by computer, so even if we don't get an actual tip, our daily sales say we did, and we get taxed on it. . and that includes the take out order i took, and put... Read More »

Phone bill Now can you tell when your bill renews?

Two ways. Log into your account on their web site or call them.

Is there a way to view when you added a song to your droid library?

PowerAMP has this ability in its settings, but its a paid app