Is it ethically wrong to sell an item on eBay that you just BOUGHT on eBay?

Answer Of course its ok! I actually have two ids - one for buying and one for selling! Don't want my buyers to spot where I get stuff!!

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Ebay seller sent me the wrong item - what should I do?

Can anyone explain how I can sell an item on ebay?

Well i'm not extremely familiar with selling on ebay but..1) When adding an item to sell choose advanced mode.(Then you should find the P&P Options)2) Add a 'buy it now' option for a small fee.(The... Read More »

I purchased item through; Neither the ebaY nor seller (who cheated) responds?

Hi,File a case in Orissa high court aganist the shop and ebay. Many people are cheated by ebay, it is high time they must be taught a lesson.I would recommend you to first consult a lawyer, he can ... Read More »

I want to sell on Ebay. Mostly trading cards. Do I need a camera or scanner How do I get pictures on Ebay?

Hi - really good question! For flat objects, a scanner is your best bet - you can put your cards on there. And you can put DVD covers, VHS covers, etc on the scanner bed and you're done. As for t... Read More »