Is it ethical to have a doctor stitch up my daughter's vagina until she's 25?

Answer NO. I need her vagina. D:

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I am 12 years old and i think i have a yeast infection but i am to scared to say it to my mum or go to the doctor as my doctor is a man and if he wants to check or talk about my vagina?

Yeast infections should not go untreated as it could do damage to your reproductive tract. It may be embarrassing to you but both your mom and your doctor have your best interest in mind. Yeast in... Read More »

Do i have a infectionif so what can i do until i can see a doctor?

infection YES! wash with warm, very salty water is the cheapest ( and often best) thing to do.let the area breathe keep knees clean, washing with salty water.see the doctor if it doesn't clear up i... Read More »

Can my pain doctor discontinue my refills until I have an MRI?

Many states are cracking down on pain meds. Some have employed a "pain" contract and denying refills. The federal laws are changing due to the high abuse of prescription addicts. Each doctor is onl... Read More »

How many Americans don't see a doctor until they have health coverage?

Current data available through the Centers for Disease Control confirm that, over the course of a year, uninsured Americans put off seeing their doctor more often than their insured counterparts. S... Read More »