Is it easy to replace a toilet?

Answer On One Hand: An Easy JobAccording to DoItYourself, replacing a toilet is an easy job that will take about half a day. All you need is a crescent wrench, bathroom caulk, cleaning supplies, scraper a... Read More »

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How to Replace a Toilet?

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How to Replace an Overfilled Toilet?

Toilets "sit" on the floor over the sewer line hole (called a flange) and are held in position by two small vertical bolts, one on each side of the toilet base. Removing a toilet is a fairly simple... Read More »

How to Replace Toilet Hose?

The toilet hose, also known as the supply line, carries water from the cold water supply pipes to the toilet's tank. Older supply lines were made of rigid aluminum, but newer ones are made of flexi... Read More »

How do I replace caulk on a toilet?

Scrape the old caulk from around the toilet base, carefully using a utility knife. Use a bit of water as a lubricant and to help minimize any scratches to the floor tiles. Wear medium-duty leather ... Read More »