Is it easy to get pregnant after birth control?

Answer On One Hand: Fertility Returns RapidlyWhen you stop taking birth control, your body begins to produce normal hormones almost immediately. Most women return to peak fertility within one to three mon... Read More »

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How easy is it to become pregnant as soon as you're off birth control?

On One Hand: Stopping Birth Control May Delay FertilityWhen stopping birth control pills, or other hormonal birth control, many women experience irregular menstrual cycles that can make it difficul... Read More »

If you get pregnant on birth control pills and continue taking them without realizing you're pregnant will it hurt the baby?

Answer, It can effect the baby more so if it is a female because of the hormones it the birth control pills.

Will it harm your baby if you just found out you're 3 weeks pregnant and are currently on Ritalin and were taking birth control pills because you didn't know you were pregnant?

AnswerNot too sure about the Ritalin but I do know that there has been no evidence that taking birth control in early pregnancy without knowing that you are pregnant causes any complications althou... Read More »

How to Get Pregnant on Birth Control?

Most of the time, using contraception correctly should prevent pregnancy. Birth control pills, for example, are between 95 percent and 99 percent effective. But if you are not careful, it is still ... Read More »