Is it easy to build a website using descent programs like DW and Fl?

Answer Allow me to make a comparison to help answer your question. Using Adobe Dreamweaver and/or Flash to build a website is absolutely nothing like using Microsoft Word or Excel to make a report. Basica... Read More »

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Can I build my business website using Word?

On One Hand: Word Offers Basic, Easy Web Design Tools.Microsoft Word offers very basic web authoring tools. Its file saving feature allows it to function as a WYSIWYG ("What you see is what you get... Read More »

How to Build a Website Using Dreamweaver & Flash?

Dreamweaver and Flash were developed by Macromedia, which was bought out by Adobe in 2005. The programs are written using a language called C++. Flash is used to create animated website elements an... Read More »

How to Build a Free Website Using Talkspot.Com?

talkspot.comBuild your own website in 15 minutes! It is quick, easy and FREE!Quick start tutorial on how to build a free website with in 15 minutes. No technical experience needed or a... Read More »

What are some cool free video editing programs (for like youtube) that are easy to use?

Try VirtualDub: make sure you also get "K-Lite Codec Pack".