Is it easy To Build your Trapezius What is your work out for them?

Answer Shoulder shrugs (preferably with barbell), bent-over/t-bar row, reverse fly, overhead press, deadlift, standing fly.

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Your parents spoil your brother and give you all the work how do you tell them that they are treating us unfairly?

You know, my parents did that all the time. But once you think about it, your brother might be thinking the same way about you. Okay, this used to be my way: whenever my parents made me do the work... Read More »

If you have dental insurance through your family and at work can you combine them somehow to not exceed your limit on either?

%DETAILS% Answer You may still excede your limit, but you shouldn't have to pay out of pocket. The insurane that is in your name is billed first. Then anything that they don't pay, the other insur... Read More »

Your ipod wont let the right headphone work when you plug the headphones in all the way you have to leave them half unplugged What is worng with your ipod?

What do you do if your brother ask you to choose between him and your boyfriend and you love them both equally and cant live without them while both are nice and love you dearly?

Smack your brother in the face for asking such a stupid question