Is it easier to have a baby or to adopted a baby?

Answer With all that you have to go through to have a baby, it would be easier to adopt one. But if you have your own baby, that brings more satasfaction.

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Have you adopted a baby in Guatemala Other countries Are you concerned your baby was kidnapped and sold?

Don't forget Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Greece, Haiti, India, Kenya, Laos, Liberia, Mexico, Moldova, Nigeria, Russia, Sri Lanka, Togo, Uganda and Ukraine, to name but a few. There ... Read More »

Can a mother have a baby adopted by grandparents without father's permission?

I was. Thank god, my bio-father is an abuser but my bio-mom (now my sister) didn't tell him when she let my grandparents adopt me. I don't think it's legal unless his name isn't on the birth certif... Read More »

Can the parents of a pregnant minor take custody of her baby if she chooses to have the child adopted?

Answer Anything is possible. Call your local county court house and ask the clerk of the court for help with this question.== Rights of Pregnant Minors =No.A pregnant minor has the same legal righ... Read More »

How can you tell if you have an older sibling who was adopted when you were a baby if your parents deny it?

You can compare the DNA between yourself and your older sibling. Siblings have APPROXIMATELY (as in, on average) 50% the same genes, because each gene has a random chance of being inherited from th... Read More »