Is it easier to be approved for a charge card than a credit card?

Answer On One Hand: Charge Cards Are More Difficult To GetCharge cards are more difficult to get than credit cards and the approval process is more detailed. An above average credit score is needed to qua... Read More »

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Can a credit card charge more than the maximum apr?

The maximum APR a credit card company can charge varies from state to state. However, if you live in one state with a set maximum and your credit card company is based in another state with a highe... Read More »

How long does it take to charge a new powershot sd790 camera i read the manual and it says takes 2-3 hours to charge but never charge more than 24 hours. but it doesnt say how long for new one.?

There is a satelite positioned in the sky which sends the signals the are received by the decoder through an antena (Dish and LNB) This signal is collected by the dish and which reflects it to a fo... Read More »

Are treadmills easier than walking?

On One Hand: The Ease of the TreadmillWith its moving belt and flat surface, the treadmill provides an easier option on the body than walking outside, where ruts and bumps can lie in wait and the w... Read More »

Why do some say linux is easier to use than windows How so?

Linux = free softwareWindose = pirated software (or rich hacker)And, I'm cruising the internet while Linux renders a video in the background.