Is it dangerous to take Prilosec OTC every day?

Answer Prilosec OTC (omeprazole) is a proton-pump inhibitor that is used for the treatment of frequent heartburn. Prilosec OTC is a 20 mg tablet, and it is available without a prescription. It is safe for... Read More »

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Is it okay to take prilosec otc if you're pregnant?

On One Hand: Known HazardsPrilosec is an over-the-counter drug intended to stop heartburn. The Food and Drug Administration has classified Prilosec as a pregnancy category C drug. This means the dr... Read More »

Is it okay to take Prilosec right after you ate?

Is it safe to take prilosec OTC within one month of the last treatment?

Yes. Last time I went to the doctor, she told me that it is safe to take everyday over long periods of time. In fact, that is the treatment she prescribed for my acid reflux. She said that the only... Read More »

What's the worst that could happen if I take levothyroxine every few days instead of every day?

T4 has a half life in the body of 6 days so double the dose every other day probably won't cause any problems. You are on a low dose so most of the T4 is coming from your body and your thyroid is p... Read More »