Is it dangerous to superglue your teeth?

Answer well,sounds like you did a pretty good at home job of fixing it,and with the price of dentists these days,hell gotta do what ya gotta do.My bf needs 2 teeth pulled and is in constant pain but they ... Read More »

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If i use a superglue remover to remove them, is it ok to use superglue to apply false nails?

Please don't do that. It will damage your natural nails, and it'd be nice to have natural nails to attach the false ones to. And it's going to hurt to remove, even with superglue remover.

Are teeth whitening products dangerous?

On One Hand: They Are MildTooth-whitening products that you can buy at the grocery or drug store are very mild. Most of them contain a bleach and peroxide mixture that is very weak, according to To... Read More »

Is this teeth whitening method dangerous or safe?

Teeth whitening doesn't really fit into the realm of being 'safe' or really being 'dangerous'. The only real danger bleaching has is that it can lead to sensitivity in teeth as well as gum tissue,... Read More »

Getting superglue off...?

There's no hope, that stuff will never come off and your junk will stick to everything that touches it forever. You are totally boned.