Is it dangerous to start chiropractic treatment and then quit?

Answer Chiropractic "subluxations" don't exist. If your chiropractor is actually talking about vertebral subluxation complex, then he is a quack. Chiropractors have been under a lot of fire recently for... Read More »

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Does treatment by a chiropractor prior to an insurance start date determine a preexisting condition and how can an insurance company find out about chiropractic treatment prior to being insured?

Answer The Insurance Company generally finds out by what you tell them on the application. If you don't tell them, they probably have the right to deny coverage and rescind the application. chec... Read More »

Anyone been seriously injured as a result of chiropractic treatment?

First I would like to wish you well and can empathize with your situation.There are many reasons why people have strokes. In the majority of cases individuals are "pre-disposed" to have a vascular... Read More »

Is Chiropractic medicine legitimate treatment based on science or is it just quackery?

Chiropractic medicine has no basis what so ever in science. It's nothing but unabashed quackery.Visiting a chiropractor can be fatal.

How to quit smoking without medical treatment?

hi you cant quit in one day its require minimum 2 to 3 month because u are not a new smoker u smoke from last five year its not easy for u but not impossible.Start any sports game like cricket, foo... Read More »